frequently asked questions


When do you like to shoot?
h e a d s h o t s  &  p o r t r a i t s: any time during the day at my naturally light studio, your well-lit work place, or on location!
e n g a g e m e n t : in the evening with that beautiful golden light or any time if the light is even and soft (overcast)

When will see our photos?
After your selections, my turnaround time is usually two weeks.

Can you do head shots for me? I just need one photo.
My headshot packages start with 3 digitals. Once I'm done with you, you're gonna want more than one, you beautiful, you. <3

W E d d i n g

I see you include an engagement session! Can we eliminate the engagement session?
An engagement session is an opportunity to get to know me as a photographer as well as me getting to know how you two lovebirds interact in front of a camera. It will definitely help calm any nerves for being in front of the camera for the big day! 

We don't need you for 8 hours. Can we do 4?
I book 8+ hours during peak season (May-October). If you're getting married on a Friday or Sunday, lets chat!

What is the process like?
Email > Like me? > Schedule a consult > Chat chat chat > Sign contract + send retainer > Book engagement session > Love, laugh, and shoot engagement > 1 month before wedding, draft a timeline > Timeline, timeline, timeline > WEDDING DAY: cry, laugh, hugs, drink (not me, duh), dance > 4-6 weeks after wedding, relive it with beautiful captured memories.

Can my sister's friend's daughter's cousin's aunt shoot around with you?
If they ain't next to me, in front of me, interfering, giving direction, using their photographs for their business, have better gear than I do, SURE!

Do you include a second shooter?
Not within my Classic package. But you can add one to your package! In certain situations I recommend adding on a second shooter: you're not doing a first look, your ceremony and reception are in two separate locations and require driving, you like more candids, you have a total guest list of 150+ people, etc. 

When will we see our photos?
My turnaround time is between 4-6 weeks.

How many images do we get?
It varies wedding to wedding because of guest, bridal party, family size, and how many hours I'm booked for. But I generally say 50 image per hour.


Why don't you have investment or rates on your website?
I let my work speak for itself. I want you to want me. Like, "I want Amy and no one else. I don't care what she charges". Love you <3

You don't use flash? WHY?
Not my style. *Only* time I use flash is at a reception or in a low-light situation. Other than that, I shoot natural light 95% of the time.

Can I send you specific poses via Pinterest?
I direct 98% of the time and my posing is the base for me to create candid moments. However, I'd love know what specifically drew you into my work. Feel free to look through my portfolio for inspiration!

Where do you print?
WHCC. The best.

Do you edit your images?
Mhm. They all are post-processed. I do blemish work on all portraits and some for engagement & wedding if it's distracting.